Hella Marine SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights

Get the best of both worlds. Use Hella Marine's SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights to give two colour options in one.


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EasyView 5 Colour Touch Screen Monitor

Waterproof System Monitor with 'daylight readable' display and intuitive touchscreen
฿15,143.00 incl VAT

Mastervolt SmartRemote (Retail)

Compact single device display With the SmartRemote display, checking your Mastervolt or CZone product has never been easier.
฿6,019.00 incl VAT

MasterView Read-Out Panel

Remote panel for reading the charge status of your battery charger, including error notifications.
From ฿5,920.00 incl VAT

MasterShunt 500 - CZone

MasterShunt is the heart of every battery powered energy system. This integrated battery monitor shares information about the battery bank with other MasterBus, CZone or NMEA 2000 enabled devices such as battery chargers, inverter/chargers, and displays. No surprises: allowing complete automation of your system, MasterShunt improves comfort, prolongs battery life and extends your runtime.
฿13,605.00 incl VAT

DC Distribution 500, monitored fuse box, incl. 4 ANL fuses + 1 spare

The DC Distribution 500 is the smallest distribution model available. It connects up to four DC devices, such as a battery charger, inverter, alternator and solar panels.
฿14,940.00 incl VAT

AC power analyser

The AC Power Analyser is a multifunctional measuring device which can visualize the AC current and AC voltage, frequency, Cos Phi and power inside the system.
฿21,045.00 incl VAT

Digital DC 10x10A

As the pinnacle of system intelligence, the Mastervolt Digital DC 10x10A has ten 10A outputs for all functions including lighting, pumps, electronics, etc.
฿32,572.00 incl VAT

Czone Masterbus Bridge Interface

The CZone MasterBus Bridge Interface physically connects the MasterBus and CZone networks together, enabling the two networks to communicate and act as one.
฿17,391.00 incl VAT

Switch Input 3 PCB (for 3 Carling breakers VM-series)

Switch Input 3 makes Carling switches compatible with MasterBus. Multiple functions can be easily linked with this module.
฿4,615.00 incl VAT

Switch Input 4 PCB (for 4 Carling breakers in S-3-F4 panel)

Provides LED indications for additional information. For example: The LED will blink when a connected lamp fails.
฿5,700.00 incl VAT

MasterBus NMEA2000 Interface

The MasterBus NMEA2000 Interface provides the MasterBus network with NMEA2000 information and vice versa.
฿20,327.00 incl VAT

MasterBus USB Interface

The MasterBus USB Interface enables you to read and configure the MasterBus network via your PC.
฿7,344.00 incl VAT