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NBTC Registration

We can provide NBTC Registration service for VHF, AIS and Radar used on yachts in Thailand. Here's a breakdown of what's required and the related charges:

All Devices MUST have proper NBTC ID number and have been imported with proper documentation and authorization from NBTC. We will NOT attempt to register unauthorized or non-approved products.
To be sure, check that you have a NBTC ID sticker on your product like this:
NBTC ID Sample

Required Documents

For Private Owner

All document copies must be signed with Blue Pen by owner

For Corporate Owner

All document copies must be signed by Authorized Person and Stamped with Company Stamp

  • Copy of Boat Registration
    Blue Book (Every Page) or the new A4 page.
  • Copy of Boat's Annual Permit (Make sure it's not expired)
  • NBTC Permits (If you already have devices registered with NBTC)
    • Copy of NBTC Station Permit for Boat
    • Copy of NBTC Radio Permit for the Boat
  • Letter of Authorization to contact NBTC on behalf of customer
  • If Thai National:
    • Copy of ID Card
    • Copy of House Registration
  • If Foreign National:
    • Copy of Passport (ID Page and Valid Visa Page)
    • Copy of Work Permit (Details Page and Last Extension page)
  • Thai Registered Company:
    • Company Registration & Objective (less than 2 months old)
    • Authorized Persons ID
      If Thai National: Copy ID Card
      If Foreigner: Copy Passport (ID page and Valid Visa Page)
  • Additional Information Required:
    • Customer's Email address to use on Frequency Management Registration.
  • For products not sold by ASAP Marine please also provide:
    • Product's Brand, Model, Serial Number and Device's Photos
    • Product's NBTC ID (usually grey sticker as shown above)
    • Import Registration (if available)
    • Devices Inspection by NBTC's Agent (if required), please inform us your preference date/time

Charges for Service

Due to unexpected or unannounced changes by NBTC for registrations, we can't garuantee the bellow NBTC charges. We try to keep it up to date but your understanding for unplanned costs would be appreciated. Therefore use the following costs as a general guide:

  • Charges by NBTC:
    • Frequency Assignment (Per Boat) = THB 5,000.00 / 5 Years.
    • Station Permit (>10W) = THB 2,500.00.
    • Use Licence = THB 500.00 per device.
    • MMSI Number Assignment = FREE with Registration
    • Penalties and/or Fines If any (Such as your Permits weren't renewed on time, etc.).
  • Charges by ASAP Marine:
    • Registration Service = THB 3,000.00.
    • Non-ASAP Supplied Devices = THB 1,000.00 for each
    • Travelling expense "at cost" for Non-ASAP Supplied Devices On-Board Inspection by NBTC's agent