Hella Marine SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights

Get the best of both worlds. Use Hella Marine's SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights to give two colour options in one.

Trim Tabs & Actuators

Lenco Electric Trim Tabs

Trim tabs make the single most important difference in the way your boat rides and performs. They are optional on some boats but should be as standard as power trim and tilt. Lenco trim tabs make your boat ride smoother, drier, faster and with increased safety whether on a small skiff or a mega-yacht.

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Standard Mount Trim Tab Kits

The series that started the electric revolution! Our original Trim Tab design and still the most popular series we build. Ideal for most common style boats from center console fishing boats to cuddy cabin cruisers. Boat lengths 14' (4.3 m) to 69' (21 m).
From ฿27,729.00 incl VAT

Edge Mount Trim Tab Kits

Designed for boat applications where a lower actuator mounting height is desirable. Actuator mounts at the trailing edge of the blade giving it a ½" (1.3 cm) lower mounting height on 9" (22.9 cm) long blades & 3" (7.6 cm) lower mounting height on 12" (30.5 cm) long blades. All edges are turned up for added strength and style. Boat lengths 14' (4.3 m) to 36' (11 m).
From ฿29,381.00 incl VAT

Limited Space Trim Tab Kits

Engineered to fit behind ladders. This unique design gives you all the benefits of a standard tab in an ultra compact design. These kits are updated with 11-gauge stainless steel blades. Boat lengths 14' (4.3 m) to 25' (7.6 m).
From ฿25,453.00 incl VAT

Performance Trim Tab Kits

Our first series designed specifically for performance. This system comes equipped with a thicker reinforced hinge and complimented with an Electro-Polished finish for added quality and protection. Boat lengths 13' (4 m) to 40' (12.2 m).
From ฿32,150.00 incl VAT

Heavy Duty Performance Trim Tab Kits

The Heavy Duty series is designed & built for the boats that need extra strength to support them in rougher water at higher speeds. Boat lengths 18' (5.5 m) to 42' (12.8 m).
From ฿54,878.00 incl VAT