Hella Marine SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights

Get the best of both worlds. Use Hella Marine's SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights to give two colour options in one.


Lenco is the industry leader in electric trim systems and actuators. With a wide range of sizes, and the ability to customize, Lenco has the right trim system for any boat.

Actuators & Accessories, Auto Glide Automatic Boat Leveling, Electric Hatch Lifts, Electric Trim Tabs, Rocker Switch Kits, Tactile Switch Kits, Trim Tab Retrofit Kits



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7 Degree Mounting Shim For 118 & 119 Mounting Bracket - Vandar

For Upper & Lower Mounting Bracket - Crastin Clam shell packaged - Only compatible with 50014-001D and 50015-001D
฿573.00 incl VAT

Kit, 120 Bracket With Hardware

For XD and XDS Actuators. Used in conjunction with new XD and XDS Actuator applications. Includes all stainless steel hardware. Clamshell packaged.
฿1,050.00 incl VAT

Remote Gland Seal Kit

Used as an alternative method by routing the actuator wires through the transom above or below the waterline. Contents: (2) mounts, (2) gland seals and (6) mounting screws. Clam shell packaged.
฿1,005.00 incl VAT

Replacement "Y" Connector Harness Only For Flybridge Kits

Used in conjunction with our Flybridge LED Indicator Kits. Clamshell packaged.
฿2,211.00 incl VAT

SS Pull Pin For Hatch Lifts (1pc)

Replacement Stainless Steel Pull Pin for Lenco Electric Hatch Lifts
฿578.50 incl VAT

Stainless Steel Slide Bracket (Includes SS Hatch Lift Attaching Hardware)

Stainless Steel Non-locking Slide Bracket For hatch lifts. In case of power failure, this bracket allows you to pull the hatch open a minimum of 5" (12.7 cm) in order to remove bolt for access.
฿2,468.50 incl VAT

Standard Lower Mounting Bracket (3 Bolt) - Vandar

Crastin (3 screw holes) Clam shell packaged
฿573.00 incl VAT

Standard Upper Mounting Bracket - Vandar - (3 Screw, 1 Wire) (Thru 2007)

Crastin (3 screw holes, 1 wire hole) Previous through 2007 - Old Style. Clam shell packaged
฿573.00 incl VAT

Universal Actuator Hardware Rreplacement Kit

Used in conjunction with Lenco 101 & 102 Standard Actuators. Includes all stainless steel hardware and Delrin pins. Clamshell packaged.
฿883.00 incl VAT

Universal Mounting Bracket Replacement Kit

Includes 15085-001, 50015-001D, 50014-001D, And Hardware
฿1,447.00 incl VAT

Upper Mounting Bracket With Gland Seal - Vandar - (3 Screw, 1 Wire) (2008-2010)

Crastin (3 screw holes, 1 wire hole) 2008 through Current - New Style. Clam shell packaged
฿603.00 incl VAT

Standard Mount Trim Tab Kits

The series that started the electric revolution! Our original Trim Tab design and still the most popular series we build. Ideal for most common style boats from center console fishing boats to cuddy cabin cruisers. Boat lengths 14' (4.3 m) to 69' (21 m).
From ฿27,729.00 incl VAT

Edge Mount Trim Tab Kits

Designed for boat applications where a lower actuator mounting height is desirable. Actuator mounts at the trailing edge of the blade giving it a ½" (1.3 cm) lower mounting height on 9" (22.9 cm) long blades & 3" (7.6 cm) lower mounting height on 12" (30.5 cm) long blades. All edges are turned up for added strength and style. Boat lengths 14' (4.3 m) to 36' (11 m).
From ฿29,381.00 incl VAT

Limited Space Trim Tab Kits

Engineered to fit behind ladders. This unique design gives you all the benefits of a standard tab in an ultra compact design. These kits are updated with 11-gauge stainless steel blades. Boat lengths 14' (4.3 m) to 25' (7.6 m).
From ฿25,453.00 incl VAT

Performance Trim Tab Kits

Our first series designed specifically for performance. This system comes equipped with a thicker reinforced hinge and complimented with an Electro-Polished finish for added quality and protection. Boat lengths 13' (4 m) to 40' (12.2 m).
From ฿32,150.00 incl VAT

Heavy Duty Performance Trim Tab Kits

The Heavy Duty series is designed & built for the boats that need extra strength to support them in rougher water at higher speeds. Boat lengths 18' (5.5 m) to 42' (12.8 m).
From ฿54,878.00 incl VAT

Lenco 101 Series Standard Actuator

The 101 Actuator is used in all Standard, Edge Mount and Standard Performance kits. 21/4" stroke - Overall length tip to tip = 12 1/2 inches.
From ฿10,449.00 incl VAT

Lenco 102 series Actuators

Electrical Actuators with 4-1/4" Stroke used on some Lenco Trim Tab systems
From ฿12,860.00 incl VAT

Lenco Power Pigtails

From ฿893.00 incl VAT

Lenco Auto Glide Kits

The Lenco Auto Glide helps take your mind off of balancing your boat and back to enjoying your time on the water. Your budget will be balanced as well with the world’s best fuel efficiency features. Balance your time, your boat and your budget with the Lenco Auto Glide Boat Leveling System.
From ฿66,404.00 incl VAT

Lenco Auto Glide 2nd-Station Kits

2nd Helm Station Kits for Lenco Auto Glide Trim Tab systems.
From ฿26,006.00 incl VAT

Lenco Electrical Hatch Lifts - 12V

12-Volt with 2' (61 cm) leads and deutsch connectors. In-line motor design delivers over 500 lbs. of force. Includes high impact, corrosion proof mounting brackets and stainless steel pull pins.
From ฿15,657.50 incl VAT

Lenco Trim Tab Integrated Switch Kits

Complete your Lenco single actuator trim tab system with the latest, maintenance-free, Standard (ALL-IN-ONE) integrated tactile switch kit design. This switch technology improves accuracy and integrates the control box functionality into the key pad bezel.
From ฿9,288.00 incl VAT

Lenco Trim Tab 2-Piece Switch Kits

For consoles with limited recess clearance on back, use this 2-piece Switch kits with external black controll box.
From ฿21,881.00 incl VAT

Lenco Trim Tab 2nd-Station Kits

Add a 2nd station to your Lenco Trim Tab system
From ฿5,001.00 incl VAT