Hella Marine SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights

Get the best of both worlds. Use Hella Marine's SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights to give two colour options in one.

Professional Services

ASAP Marine, More than just a Chandlery.

ASAP Marine Electrica System Engineering

In addition to our Marine Chandlery Business, we also offer Profesional Services from Consultation, Engineering and Installation to servicing of systems for Yachts, Motorhomes, Speciality projects, etc.

Our team has been trained and certified by various manufacturers and offer practical experience on delivering a project to each customer's unique requirements.

A-to-Z Turn-Key Project Services.

Your Vision

Knowing what you want is very important. But it's not always easy to know what's needed, practical and most efficient. Our team is experienced and up to date with technology and we can help you define the most suitable vision based on what's available and possible today.

Our Technology

As a System Integration specialist, we look at the best components that can give you a integrated solution taylored to your vission. Our experience with a range of manufactueres and their products, especially in the Mobile, Marine and Off-Grid setups, allows us to build optimal solutions with support.

Planing the Power

Often overlooked or not done accurately is knowing the power requirements of your system. Our custom Load Schedule sheet helps determine power ussage under different scenario's thereby establishing the most realistic power requirements. With this information we can help you choose accurate Generator size, Battery Bank capacity, Charger ratings, etc. With a strong basis on the power requirements, the rest of your system is specified optimaly.

System Concept

A general overview of the key components for your custom electical, navigation or other systems. From here you can already establish a ballpark value for buying your items and project budget.

System Engineering

We can provide full engineering drawings for AC, DC, Networking, Navigation and Plumbing Systems. Drawings can be engineered to comply with various standards such as ABYC, CE (ISO), ANZAC, etc. requirements. Our usual drawings would include Single Line Diagrams, Multi-Line Wiring Diagrams, GE (General Arrangement) inication and Wire routing.

Bill of Material

The most essential report for getting accurate budget of electrical systems. Our Bill of Material report will indicate exactly what to buy, reference to the manufacturer/catalogue and even a quote from us for supplying it.


Our team's scope of expertise are for Electrical, Electronic, Plumbing and Mechanical systems. We've got installed systems from 8 years ago that still functions reliably and proprely for our customers.


Once a system is installed, we check, test and certify the installation. Many manufacturers will only honour product warranty if it's been installed and commissioned by authorized personel. We have been trained and certified in all the products we supply and install.


Offering a Turn-Key scope of product and service, our commitment won't stop here. We take pride in systems engineered and installed by our team and offer garuantees on our work to customers.