Hella Marine SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights

Get the best of both worlds. Use Hella Marine's SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights to give two colour options in one.


This capacity to innovate is what truly sets Mastervolt apart. Mastervolt leads the marine and mobile industries in autonomous power solutions. Technologically advanced Lithium Ion batteries and fully integrated power conversion equipment provide off-grid power whether on the water or on the road.

Alternators & Regulators, Batteries, Battery Chargers, Digital Control & Monitoring, Inverter / Chargers, Inverters, Transformers



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AC Master 12/1000 (Schuko)

€580.85 incl VAT

AC Master 12/1500 (Schuko)

€868.66 incl VAT

AC Master 12/2000 (Schuko)

€1167.58 incl VAT

AC Master 12/2500 (Schuko)

€1465.23 incl VAT

AC Master 12/3500

€1931.50 incl VAT

AC Master 12/700 (Schuko)

€455.15 incl VAT

AC Master 24/1000 (Schuko)

€580.85 incl VAT

AC Master 24/1500 (Schuko)

€868.66 incl VAT

AC Master 24/2000 (Schuko)

€1167.58 incl VAT

AC Master 24/2500 (Schuko)

€1465.23 incl VAT

AC Master 24/700 (Schuko)

€455.15 incl VAT

AC power analyser

The AC Power Analyser is a multifunctional measuring device which can visualize the AC current and AC voltage, frequency, Cos Phi and power inside the system.
€531.55 incl VAT

ChargeMaster 12/10, (IP65)

€207.47 incl VAT

ChargeMaster 12/15-2

€251.92 incl VAT

ChargeMaster 12/25-3

€413.90 incl VAT

ChargeMaster 12/35-3

€765.80 incl VAT

ChargeMaster 12/50-3

€845.99 incl VAT

ChargeMaster 24/100-3

the ChargeMaster 24/100-3 has been discontinued and replaced with the new Chargemaster Plus 24/110-2
€2494.54 incl VAT

ChargeMaster 24/12-3

€462.94 incl VAT

ChargeMaster 24/20-3

€699.00 incl VAT

ChargeMaster 24/30-3

€914.65 incl VAT

ChargeMaster 24/6, (IP65)

€239.91 incl VAT

DC Distribution 500, monitored fuse box, incl. 4 ANL fuses + 1 spare

The DC Distribution 500 is the smallest distribution model available. It connects up to four DC devices, such as a battery charger, inverter, alternator and solar panels.
€377.36 incl VAT

DC Master 12/24-3A

€194.55 incl VAT

DC Master 12/24-7A

€238.62 incl VAT

DC Master 24/12-12A

€105.52 incl VAT

DC Master 24/12-24A

€252.80 incl VAT

DC Master 24/12-3A

€52.12 incl VAT

DC Master 24/12-50A

€720.48 incl VAT

DC Master 24/12-6A

€73.52 incl VAT

DC Master 48/12-20A

€394.21 incl VAT

DC Master 48/12-6A

€239.91 incl VAT

DC Master 48/12-9A

€238.62 incl VAT

Digital AC 1x6A

Switches all AC loads, no matter where they are. Loads up to 6A can be directly switched, higher loads should be switched via an external relay.
€182.80 incl VAT

Digital DC 10x10A

As the pinnacle of system intelligence, the Mastervolt Digital DC 10x10A has ten 10A outputs for all functions including lighting, pumps, electronics, etc.
€822.67 incl VAT

Digital Input (4 input channels)

Connect up to four switches to the MasterBus network. Delivery includes connection cables.
€182.80 incl VAT

EasyView 5 Colour Touch Screen Monitor

Waterproof System Monitor with 'daylight readable' display and intuitive touchscreen
€382.47 incl VAT

Mac 24/12-20 – 20 A

€312.70 incl VAT