Hella Marine SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights

Get the best of both worlds. Use Hella Marine's SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights to give two colour options in one.

Privacy Policy

Customer Privacy

To prevent your personal details from being stored on our system, please place orders as a GUEST user. Personal details will be kept only for the purpose and duration of processing your order and then 6 months thereafter.

In case of creating an account, the following will apply:

  1. On creation of an account in our system we will collect and keep the following information as provided by the customer:
    1. Customer Name.
    2. Company Name (If applicable).
    3. Addresses (Invoice and/or Delivery).
    4. Contact Numbers .
    5. e-mail address.
    6. Transaction History.
    7. Communications History.
  2. We do not store any credit card or bank account details of the customer.
  3. Personal Details are kept for the purpose of easily processing future orders and for customer's convenience of viewing their account history on our system.
  4. Inactive customer details will be deleted after 7 years of inactivity except for accounting details.
  5. Customer Details are only made available as required to:
    1. Online Payment Processor at time of checkout/payment.
    2. External Accountant & Auditor.
    3. Other Entities on demand, provided there is a legal Court Order demanding such.
  6. To have your personal details deleted, please email us with instructions at Note that any accounting transaction details can not be deleted.