Hella Marine SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights

Get the best of both worlds. Use Hella Marine's SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights to give two colour options in one.

Safety Equipment

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Bung Wooden Set Of 10 - 6-38mm

Set of ten soft wooden bungs (6mm-38mm) for emergency plugging of holes and through hull fittings.
฿1,091.00 incl VAT

Fire Blanket 1m X 1m

Manufactured from 100% woven glass fibre. Measures 1m x 1m when unfolded. Supplied in vinyl pouch with eyelet for wall mounting, ready for emergency situations.
฿793.00 incl VAT

Fire Port

Allows a standard fire extinguisher nozzle to be directed into an engine room, yet keeping the space confined under normal circumstances. Hole is sealed via a PVC diaphragm which you push in for use in emergency. Complies with EU guidelines (94/25 5.6.2) for recreational craft.
฿660.00 incl VAT

Holder Lifebuoy & Light Combo

Stores 225994, 226000 and 226004 lifebuoys as well as 226030 lifebuoy light, ready for immediate deployment in an emergency situation. Can be bulkhead or wall mounted and is also supplied with a rail mount adaptor to suit 22mm-25mm tube. Manufactured from stainless steel and U.V. stabilised plastic.
฿1,224.00 incl VAT

Holder Lifebuoy S/S J Hooks Pair

Stainless steel 'J' hooks to suit most lifebuoys, including 225994, 226000 and 226004. Sold as a pair.
฿859.00 incl VAT

Life Ring 650mm Foam Filled

650mm outside diameter, foam filled PVC life ring. Coloured bands provide traditional appearance. Ideal for pool, decorative purposes, or pleasure craft. Not approved for Survey vessels.
฿7,626.00 incl VAT

Life Ring Horseshoe Red

Flexible closed cell foam inner with a polyurethane zip removable cover. Features full circumference cord with quick release hooks, reflective tape patches and pockets for storage of drogue and danbuoy line. Complies with AYF requirements.
฿4,972.00 incl VAT

Life Ring Solas 720mm Moulded

SOLAS approved lifebuoy, seamless, rotational moulded polyethylene, closed cell foam filled. Supplied complete with rope grip and reflective tape. Listed on the NMSC Compliant Equipment Register. 720mm in diameter.
฿5,967.00 incl VAT

Lifebouy Light Led Flashing

SOLAS approved bouyant LED flashing Lifebouy light automatically turns on when light head is upward and off when down. Operated by 2 X AA Alkaline batteries and supplied with mounting bracket
฿1,390.00 incl VAT

Lifebuoy Light Solas Constant

SOLAS approved, buoyant orange lifebuoy light which activates automatically with a continuous beam when turned to an upright position. Runs off four 1.5 volt 'D' cell batteries (not included).
฿1,887.00 incl VAT

Man Overboard Rescue System

A simple but effective water retrieval device for vessel or water side facility. Consists of a flexible foam lifebelt with vinyl cover and 40 metres of 8mm recovery line, contained in a wall or rail mount PVC storage pouch. Quick reference instructions are clearly displayed on the pouch. Meets AYF requirements. Dimensions are in the stowed position.
฿11,274.00 incl VAT

Mirror Signalling Stainless Steel

Polished stainless steel mirror. Used to draw attention of potential rescuers for up to several kilometres. 97mm x 72mm
฿328.00 incl VAT