Hella Marine SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights

Get the best of both worlds. Use Hella Marine's SeaHawk XL Dual Colour Floodlights to give two colour options in one.


Marine Entertainment Systems

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1400 Watt D Class 4 Channel Marine Amplifier

Signature Series 4 Channel, 1400 Watt Marine Amplifier
€423.83 incl VAT

1500 Watt D Class 6 Channel Marine Amplifier

Signature Series 6 Channel, 1500 Watt Marine Amplifier
€612.26 incl VAT

1600 Watt D Class 5 Channel Marine Amplifier

Signature Series 5 Channel, 1600 Watt Marine Amplifier
€612.26 incl VAT

2000 Watt D Class 8 Channel Marine Amplifier

Signature Series 8 Channel, 2000 Watt Marine Amplifier
€801.27 incl VAT

2250 Watt D Class Mono Marine Amplifier

Signature Series Monoblock, 2250 Watt Marine Amplifier
€423.83 incl VAT

24 Volt, 1600 Watt 6 Channel Marine Amplifier

Fusion 24V, 6 Channel, 1600 Watt Marine Amplifier
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400 Watt 2 Channel Marine Amplifier - Sub or Speakers

Fusion 2 Channel, 400 Watt Marine Amplifier
€215.57 incl VAT

500 Watt 4 Channel Marine Amplifier - Front & Rear

Fusion 4 Channel, 500 Watt Marine Amplifier
€319.60 incl VAT

70 Watt True Marine D Class Amp - 2 ohm stable

This 2 channel, 140 watt zone amplifier is small, allowing for discreet installation. When combined with a marine stereo unit, it provides a platform for a true multi-zone audio system.
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Apollo MS-RA670

The Apollo RA670 re-embodies award-winning audio innovation in a new compact form factor.
€451.41 incl VAT

Apollo MS-RA770

Welcome to a new era of marine audio entertainment, crafted and engineered by Apollo – the God of Music.
€659.51 incl VAT

Apollo MS-SRX400

Apollo MS-SRX400
€348.57 incl VAT

CRGBW Lighting Remote Control

CRGBW Lighting Control Module With Wireless Remote Control
€47.10 incl VAT

Marine Bluetooth Module - Universal.

Marine Bluetooth Module
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Marine Bluetooth Module (Din Connector)

Marine Bluetooth Module with Data Display
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Marine Entertainment System with DVD/CD Player
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Fusion 755 Series DVD/CD media player
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A compact, value-packed black box entertainment solution.
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An MS-NRX300 Wired Remote Control is included for intuitive system navigation, featuring a large LCD display and easy scroll rotary encoder, for a familiar Fusion True-Marine™ experience.
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MS-NRX300 True Marine NMEA2000 Remote Control

IPX7 NMEA 2000 Wired Remote
€207.28 incl VAT


Fusion's sleekest value-packed marine stereo in a DIN sized form factor - now with NMEA2000 connectivity.
€292.09 incl VAT


Introducing the Fusion MS-UD650 Entertainment System with an internal, water resistant UNI-Dock for safe charging and playback of compatible* Apple iOS and MTP Android/Windows media devices. Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming capability and Fusion-Link NMEA 2000 connectivity make the 650 Series an all-in-one and purpose-built solution for entertaining on the water.
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Fusion 755 Series UniDock media player
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True Marine Universal Media Device Dock

USB UNI-Dock for iOS, Android, USB devices
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XS Series 10" 600 Watt Sub Woofer - Sports

Supplied with Black and White Grille Cover
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Fusion EL Series Marine Speakers

Engineered for quality audio reproduction in the marine environment, the redesigned EL Series Full Range speakers feature a shallow basket design to provide versatility in mounting options at a affordable entry-level price
From €103.64 incl VAT

Fusion FR Series True Marine Speakers

FUSION's Full Range Marine Speakers are designed and engineered specifically for the marine environment. FUSION's marine speakers include design innovations and materials that not only produce great sound, but also ensure a sustained high performance level during prolonged exposure to the marine elements. Available in 4", 6" and 7" with 120W, 200W & 260W Peak power output respectively.
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Fusion SG Signature Series 3 Tower Speakers

For those serious about their sounds while enjoying high speeds on the water, the Signature Series Wake Tower speakers deliver it all. Now with CRGBW Lighting
From €799.96 incl VAT

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