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CZone Compatible Devices

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MasterShunt 500 - CZone

MasterShunt is the heart of every battery powered energy system. This integrated battery monitor shares information about the battery bank with other MasterBus, CZone or NMEA 2000 enabled devices such as battery chargers, inverter/chargers, and displays. No surprises: allowing complete automation of your system, MasterShunt improves comfort, prolongs battery life and extends your runtime.
€351.25 excl VAT

Mastervolt ChargeMaster PLUS Charger

ChargeMaster Plus is the next generation battery chargers that integrates multiple functions into one single device.
From €958.95 excl VAT

Mastervolt MLI Lithium Ion Batteries

Large capacity series, fully equipped for extreme cycling, like running airconditioning, pumps or electric motors for long periods of time with short intermittent charging.
From €2446.37 excl VAT

Mastervolt CombiMaster Charger/Inverter

This latest Mastervolt innovation delivers unmatched performance at an unprecedented price, and offers the best of both worlds: an advanced battery charger and a quiet inverter combined in one compact device. The CombiMaster is easy to install without expert knowhow thanks to plug & play capability. With a single AC input and intuituve LEDs, it is compatible with MasterBus, CZone and NMEA2000, the CombiMaster ranges from 2000 to 3000 Watt. Suitable for recreational and semiprofessional use.
From €1221.36 excl VAT

Sentinel Boat Monitor

Monitor and Control your boat remotely. ASAP Marine and Sentinel helps boat owners connect and interact with their boats. Allow yourself to be better informed on the actual status of key systems of your boat before it becomes a problem.
From €40.67 excl VAT

Sentinel BM40 3G Boat Monitor

The Sentinel BM40 Boat Monitor device installed on your yacht. Comes with built-in Worldwide 3G SIM card offering international connection from almost anywhere in the world.
€550.28 excl VAT