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Life Jackets

Safety First!

When out on the water your life-jacket will help you stay safe (and above water) when disaster strikes!

Our range of life jackets are made to international standars with quality materials thereby ensuring you and your loved ones are able to enjoy your time on the water more.

Different PFD (Personal Flotation Device) Safety Standars:

PFD Level 50

A PFD Level 50 garment is one that complies with the requirements of the Australian Standards approval code 4758-50.
It is required to provide sufficient buoyancy to assist the wearer to maintain his or her head above water, but not as much as a PFD Level 100 or 150 lifejacket. It is less bulky than a PFD Level 100 or 150, making it more suitable for applications when the wearer needs to move around or swim. A PFD Level 50 is generally recommended for dinghy sailors, kayakers, and similar, who are required to wear a PFD for extended periods of time. Ensure to consult your Local Authority for full details and requirements.

PFD Level 50S

A PFD Level 50S garment is one that complies with the requirements of the Australian Standards approval code 4758-50S.
It provides a similar amount of buoyancy to that of a PFD Level 50, but is permitted to carry a wider range of style colours. PFD Level 50S are generally recommended for use by water skiers and jet skiers in sheltered waters where assistance is immediately at hand. Ensure to consult your Local Authority for full details and requirements.

PFD Level 150 and 100

A PFD Level 150, is one that complies with the requirements of the Australian Standards approval code 4758-150.
To comply with these standards the garment must be suitable for use in offshore applications and provide a high level of buoyancy, maintaining the wearer in a safe floating position, i.e. with the body inclined backwards from the vertical with the nose and mouth clear of the water. Although similar in functionality the Level 100 PFD is generally recommended for use in pleasure boats which may occasionally venture beyond sheltered waters or where the wearer may be at risk of sustaining injuries which may impede the wearer’s ability to swim. Some State Authorities require these jackets to be worn in certain situations or by determined age. Ensure to consult your State Authority for full details and requirements.


An offshore SOLAS approved jacket conforming and constructed to International Shipping Laws and Australian Survey regulations SOLAS74/78 as amended, LSA Code as amended by MSC.207(81), MSC.81(70) as amended by MSC.200(80).

Special Protection for Children:

Pay special attention to children - It is difficult for a child to float in a face up position because of the distribution of body mass and because the child may tend to panic in an unfamiliar environment. However, a properly designed PFD of the correct size will keep a child’s mouth and nose clear of the water. A child should be taught how to put on the PFD and be encouraged to become familiar with its feel in the water. It is important that the child is comfortable and understands what the PFD is for and how it works.